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Flavor and local product, the Can Faustino binomial

The infatuation we feel for Menorca at Can Faustino is not limited to the landscape.

Nor to the people and the customs and traditions, of which our buildings are impregnated. Menorcans know that the most direct way to reach the heart is through the stomach. That is why they have carefully cared for their fields and sea, and all the food that they extract from them. Quality products , which mature in the sun, graze freely, chosen with care and care. And that come directly from trusted farms to our kitchen. For this reason, we want to discover one of the greatest pleasures that we offer at Can Faustino: its gastronomy.

Menorcan roots, avant-garde in the elaboration

Mediterranean cuisine permeates each of the dishes of the Can Faustino gastronomic proposal, where you can have lunch, dinner and breakfast, if you stay at our hotel. If this is not the case, but you want to try one of the best menus on the island, you can make a reservation on our website. But why is Can Faustino's cuisine so special? Although we can tell you in words what a gastronomic visit to our hotel entails, there are pleasures that can only be fully experienced by getting to know them. This is the case of Menorcan cuisine, which takes on a special dimension in the dishes on our menu. The island's oil, local fishing catches, seasonal vegetables and nuts are not lacking in many of its proposals. The typical delicacies of the island also have their place, which are reflected in the more traditional recipes prepared from a current perspective and avant-garde cuisine. The most Menorcan touch is provided by unique products, such as veal from the island's native breed. Or the Menorcan prawn, caught in the waters near our coasts, with an intense sea flavor that will permeate your memory beyond your stay on the island.

An idyllic setting

The how is as important as the what. That is why we pay the utmost attention to all the details of your evening. From the preparation of the dishes to the advice on choosing the best wines from our winery. Let our expert staff recommend the best products of the day and taste Can Faustino.

The gastronomic projection of Menorca

Can Faustino's gastronomic commitment to the product and the good work of the land is one more sum in the flourishing Menorcan cuisine. For a few years, the island has been positioning itself as a gastronomic tourist destination, which offers as a complement to its paradisiacal beaches and beautiful natural landscapes. This is why more and more restaurants and chefs, including the Can Faustino team, are raising the quality of their dishes, in an attempt to put Menorca on the world gastronomic map. In fact, this work has been rewarded with the declaration of Menorca as European Gastronomic Region 2022. A title that will mean a before and after for the island. For this 2021, there is still time to taste the menus that we have prepared for the Mostra de Cuina Menorquina, which is held until October 3; and the Jornades de Vedella Vermella Menorquina, which will take place on weekends from 15 to 17 and from 22 to 24 October. We are waiting for you!

    • Can Faustino Review

      “I discovered rural Menorca on the excursions organised from the hotel. Enjoying Casa de Pau, with its sun terrace and swimming pool, was nothing compared with the experience of sailing on board Heloise. The real Mediterranean!”

      Tina G. ·

    • Can Faustino Review

      "The views from our room towards the port of Ciutadella and part of the old quarter were like a story from the history books. I need to go back, to learn all about the area’s history, which is fascinating"

      Alex C. ·

    • Can Faustino Review

      “We loved seeing how they cooked with the vegetables that the farmer collects in the Casa de Pau, from which we saw a beautiful sunset. Faustino Gran restaurant is the best we tried in Ciutadella, although there are other good places to eat very close”

      Remy L. ·

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