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Mare e Terra

Mare Terra Group continues to grow

Our collection of unique facilities on Menorca is being expanded with the addition of a new Relais & Châteaux in the south of the island.

Almost like works of art or jewels that have been added to our collection — which will be ten years old this year. We are about to celebrate a decade of our love affair with Menorca, with its turquoise waters, its ports and old fortresses, its horses and its people, its natural scenery, and its agricultural tradition.

Traveller Faustino Gran


Our guests all have very different profiles, each with their own tastes, needs, habits and dreams. Our job is to get to know them properly so we can give them the answer to what they are looking for when they choose to spend a few unforgettable days at our hotel in Minorca.

Each traveller that walks through our doors is unique and incomparable. Marc from Barcelona comes in search of adventure, Thomas from London to disconnect from his day-to-day routine and Jean Paul from Paris to get to know the island’s culture and gastronomy as well as a long list of profiles all with one thing in common: they choose Faustino Gran to enjoy their holidays in Minorca.

Regalo Navidad


A unique experience, unforgettable emotions and sensations, a few special days in an extraordinary setting. If you would like to surprise a loved one with an original gift, just imagine how they will feel spending a few days in Minorca at Faustino Gran.

It’s that time of the year again when we like to surprise our loved ones with very special gifts. At Faustino Gran we invite you to treat them to a unique, magical experience that they can enjoy from spring 2024.

Restaurante Faustino

Faustino Restaurant, healthy, local, Minorcan cuisine

Chef Matías Salvia takes the food served in our restaurant to the next level, working directly with suppliers both on land and at sea.

At Faustino Gran every little detail is important. Each service, each space, each experience is key so that our customers enjoy a stay of the highest quality. For this reason, our restaurant is a place where we strive to offer food that measures up to our hotel.

World Ocean Day EN

Faustino Gran celebrates World Oceans Day

On 8 June, Relais & Châteaux is holding an event to help protect the biodiversity of the oceans and culinary heritage.

Faustino Gran is joining this initiative to prove its commitment to protecting the nature around it. The sea and marine species are part of the culture of Menorca; fishing, food, and the character of its people are all firmly rooted in the island.

Horse riding

Getaway to Minorca in springtime: why is it the destination of your dreams for 2023?

More and more people are choosing to visit the island in the spring season. As the island rouses from its winter slumber, it is the perfect occasion to enjoy its countryside, its water, its gastronomy, its culture and its people.

If you are thinking about visiting Minorca in springtime, we can assure you that you will not regret it. The island shines in all its splendour and its pace of life starts to gather more speed, welcoming longer days, milder temperatures and more authentic experiences.

Isla del Rey

Isla del Rey, an island within an island

The “Isla del Rey” is one of Minorca’s most famous islets. Triangular in shape, it is located in Mahón harbour and home to great attractions.

Visiting this small island has become a must for those spending their holidays in Minorca. The reasons for this are several and this time it has nothing to do with the beaches and turquoise waters but rather culture, art and history. Read on to find out more.

Valentine's Day

Experience Faustino Gran as a couple

We invite you to discover a romantic destination at a hotel made for lovers

Valentine’s Day, the ultimate day of romance, is a great opportunity to explain to you all why Faustino Gran is the perfect place for a couple’s getaway.

Season end 22


We bid farewell to the season with the satisfaction of having experienced an extraordinary year that will mark the future of our hotel.

The Faustino Gran is now a reality. This year, the hotel has unquestionably established itself as a leading luxury destination offering authentic experiences and that Minorcan spirit for those looking to find unique, unforgettable sensations on the Mediterranean island.

  • Can Faustino Review

    “I discovered rural Menorca on the excursions organised from the hotel. Enjoying Casa de Pau, with its sun terrace and swimming pool, was nothing compared with the experience of sailing on board Heloise. The real Mediterranean!”

    Tina G. ·

  • Can Faustino Review

    "The views from our room towards the port of Ciutadella and part of the old quarter were like a story from the history books. I need to go back, to learn all about the area’s history, which is fascinating"

    Alex C. ·

  • Can Faustino Review

    “We loved seeing how they cooked with the vegetables that the farmer collects in the Casa de Pau, from which we saw a beautiful sunset. Faustino Gran restaurant is the best we tried in Ciutadella, although there are other good places to eat very close”

    Remy L. ·

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